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Атрибут text-decoration

text-decoration Attribute

{ text-decoration: none| [ underline || overline || line-through || blink ]}

This property describes decorations that are added to the text of an element.

This attribute is not inherited.


If the element has no text (e.g. the IMG element in HTML) or is an empty element (e.g. "<EM></EM>"), this property has no effect.

Formatters should treat unknown values as 'box', which should be rendered as a simple rectangle around the element. If the element is 'inline' and spans several lines, the UA is free to render several boxes, possibly with omitted edges.

If more than one color is required, e.g. for the 'box', the other colors should be based on the text color.

This property is not inherited, but children elements should match their ancestor. E.g., if an element is underlined, the line should span the child elements. The color of the underlining will remain the same even if descendant elements have different 'color' values.

A:link, A:visited, A:active { text-decoration: underline }

The example above would underline the text of all active links.

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