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Атрибут font-style

font-style Attribute

{ font-style: normal| italic | oblique}

Sets the font style.

IE currently only supports italic | normal.

This attribute is inherited.


Legal combinations of the values are:

  • one of the four values

  • 'italic' or 'oblique', combined with 'small-caps'

If the preferred font style cannot be accomplished, the UA should make best efforts to find acceptable substitutions. Often, an 'oblique' font can be substituted by an 'italic' font. If 'small-caps' are not available, capital letters of a smaller font size can be used to render small characters if the resolution of the output medium is appropriate for this.

h3, H2, H3 { font-style: small-caps italic }

h3 EM { font-style: italic }

In the example above, emphasized text within 'h3' will appear in normal lower-case italic.

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