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Атрибут TYPE (for input)



Specifies the type of intrinsic control.

CHECKBOX Used for simple Boolean attributes or for attributes that can take multiple values at the same time. It is represented by a number of check box fields, each of which has the same name. Each selected check box generates a separate name/value pair in the submitted data, even if this results in duplicate names. The default value for check boxes is on .

FILE A file upload element.

HIDDEN No field is presented to the user, but the content of the field is sent with the submitted form. This value can be used to transmit state information about client/server interaction.

IMAGE An image field which you can click, causing the form to be immediately submitted. The coordinates of the selected point are measured in pixel units from the upper-left corner of the image, and are returned (along with the other contents of the form) in two name/value pairs. The x-coordinate is submitted under the name of the field with .x appended, and the y-coordinate is submitted under the name of the field with .y appended. Any VALUE= attribute is ignored. The image itself is specified by the SRC= attribute, exactly as for the Image element.

PASSWORD The same as the TEXT attribute, except that text is not displayed as the user enters it.

RADIO Used for attributes that accept a single value from a set of alternatives. Each radio-button field in the group should be given the same name. Only the selected radio button in the group generates a name/value pair in the submitted data. Radio buttons require an explicit VALUE attribute.

RESET RESET is a button that when pressed resets the form's fields to their specified initial values. The label to be displayed on the button may be specified just as for the SUBMIT button.

SELECT-MULTIPLE Specifies a multiple select list box.

SELECT-ONE Specifies a single-select list box.

SUBMIT SUBMIT is a button that when pressed submits the form. You can use the VALUE= attribute to provide a non- editable label to be displayed on the button. The default label is application-specific. If a SUBMIT button is pressed in order to submit the form, and that button has a NAME= attribute specified, then that button contributes a name/value pair to the submitted data. Otherwise, a SUBMIT button makes no contribution to the submitted data.

TEXT Used for a single-line text-entry field. Use in conjunction with the SIZE= and MAXLENGTH= attributes.

TEXTAREA Used for multiple-line text-entry fields. Use in conjunction with the SIZE= and MAXLENGTH= attributes.

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